Oil Changes are an Important part of Regular Auto Maintenance Repairs

OIL CHANGEWhile the frequency of oil changes may vary from automobile to automobile, oil changes are probably the single most valuable maintenance process a car owner can implement. Motor oil is the life blood to your car's engine. If you do not change your oil on a regular basis, then you are risking serious damage to your vehicles engine.


Most cars today use multi-grade oil. Multi grade motor oil works efficiently in cold and hot weather. Each vehicle offers a classification of its engine which reveals its viscosity. Viscosity is the friction or resistance to oil flow. Our skilled mechanics will utilize the type of oil recommended for your vehicle's engine. Aside from the various types of oils that are made of 100% petroleum, there are also synthetic oils that are made of chemically compounded lubricants which can provide high viscosity over a wider range of temperature and reduced oil thickening and reduced wear and tear on your engines vital parts. While most foreign cars utilize synthetic motor oil which recommend changing the oil every 10,000 miles, here at the Foreign Car Clinic we recommend following the oil change frequency provided in your specific vehicles manual.

When selecting a local auto mechanic to perform an oil change on your foreign or domestic car, drive through convenience should not be the most important criteria to base your selection on. While the Foreign Car Clinic can typically accommodate your busy schedule, one should realize that bringing your vehicle in for an oil change also provides an opportunity to inspect all of your vehicles vital parts. Foreign Car Clinic will top off all your fluids including brake fluids, Coolant (Antifreeze) and windshield fluid. We will also visually inspect your engine verifying all electrical wires and components are safe and secure, we will check your battery, air filters and even your brake pads. Our non-pushy approach will make you feel comfortable knowing what services are needed now or in the near future. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in servicing nearly every make and model also afford us the know-how to verify problematic issues on your specific vehicle type.

If you are seeking a local auto mechanic that you can trust, then do not hesitate. Call us today at 847-255-1779!

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