Expert Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Recharge In Arlington Heights

American & Foreign Car Clinic offers automotive air conditioning services for all makes and models.

Summer is hot. Don't sweat it!

Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington HeightsWhen it's 90 degrees and sunny outside, the temperatures inside your car can reach well over 25 degrees higher than the outside. When you open your car door and the intense heat takes your breath away, you know you better have an A/C system that can cool you down quickly. When the temperature rises, there's nothing more refreshing than getting into a cool, air-conditioned vehicle.

Whether you just need a simple recharge or a replacement part, American & Foreign Car Clinic can get you back in a comfortable car in a jiffy.

Our certified technicians are trained to properly diagnose and repair any problem you may be having with your car's air conditioning system. Our A/C services include evacuation, leak testing, recharging of the refrigerant, and system tests. If problems are found, we may also perform leak testing using iridescent dye and uv-light testing and halogen leak detectors. Our state of the art A/C equipment allows us to accurately diagnose any leaking or failed components.

A/C Components include:

  • A/C compressors
  • Compressor Belts
  • Fans
  • Dryers
  • Accumulators
  • Condensers
  • Lines and Hoses
  • Relays and Modules
  • Thermal Expansion Valves
  • Switches and Sensors
  • Orifice Tubes

Before servicing your vehicle a member of our professional and expert staff will let you know the results of any diagnosis and inspection of your A/C system.

Automotive A/C Repair and Recharge Why should you maintain your vehicle's A/C system?
Over time your car's air conditioning parts such as seals can wear out and crack, resulting in leaks. Fittings loosen, valves get blocked, and filters get clogged. Having your A/C system checked and maintained is preventive maintenance so you limit the chances of your air conditioning going out completely, resulting in more costly repairs down the road.

Contact Us to get your auto's A/C system inspected and recharged today.

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